The 30 mins formula has been described by all the spiritual leaders today. Let us make it simple for you today to understand. These are not any 30 mins of the day. These are 30 mins just before we go to sleep and just after we are awake every day. We have defines the two categories.

W30: 30 mins after we are awake in morning

These 30 mins create our entire day. Spending these 30 mins upon meditation or working upon bringing your attention to self. Practice gratitude as soon as you are awake. I thanks god everyday first thing in morning for giving me this beautiful day and thank Mother Earth for bearing me, no matter what. Gratitude towards all the people and things around you is very important at this time of morning. Then bring attention to self and practice gratitude for each and every organ, tissue, cell that we are blessed with. Now how you can direct universe to make our day blessed and how we want it to be.

Look at your hand now. Look deeply and minutely each nail, finger, nerve and the pattern of skin. Now close your eyes and feel those hands holding what you really want in life. Visualise as if you are literally having and feel the joy and happiness.

Then you can practice breathing or other exercises.

S30: 30 mins before sleep in the night.

These 30 mins will be the most important to relax each and every nerve in our body and utilise the immense energy of his universe in manifesting what you desire and how you want your lie to be. After lying in bed, practice gratitude as you did in morning. Now visualise your entire day and any event which was unpleasant, play that event again, now as you want. Play entire day as you wanted it to be. Visualise it. Feel it as if really was the way you wanted. Feel the joy and happiness.

Practice this Formula 30. Do yourself a favour today to practical ce and relax by these 60 mins. Practice for 21 days and you will develop it as a habit. Realise the magic.


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