With in embracing the current events happening around us with people including in it and applying your thought process to work upon the future.

When something unpleasant happens around us, we feel it not right but for others, it’s right. Immediately we start running images in our mind or rather a movie which plays in anger about something bad. We feel that all so real and keep getting more angry, irritated and hateful. This energy is so powerful and commanding to universe to make it happen. These are the affirmations that we make the wrong to happen for sure and that happens. Then we think why wrong is happening to us when we have not done anything wrong. Wrong doing is with the thoughts in mind. If we keep unpleasant events in mind, they become problems. Problems don’t exist, they are created by our mind by giving immense attention to the unpleasant events.

How we can utilise the same energy to create positive:

When something unpleasant to you happens, Just start watching as if a movie is going on in TV, upon which your reactions won’t matter at all, so no point reacting. Jut let it happen and go. Let that unpleasant event go out of your mind. Relax and Sit back. At the point of anxiety, whether anger, love, lust or hate, it’s better to utilise energy into right direction.all emotions have same energy, right direction to that energy to create thought must be given.

Thought Creation Process:

Attention —> Intention—> Desire —> Thought —> Action

Ask yourself what you actually want at a moment. Bring your complete attention upon it. It develops intention, keep your intention positive. Then create the thought. Pass the thoughts coming by themselves and control your mind by creating the thought related to your intention. Create it as you want it. Play it in your mind as if that thought is a real event and is happening now. Feel the joy and happiness.

The more you can feel the joy, more you are affirming that it’s going to happen. The truth is there exists all in universe that too in abundance. It comes to you in right time. So what you are desiring now, it is existing but the negative thoughts are stopping that to come to you. Time taken depends upon the feel. You can work upon your thought process and control your mind only after you have stopped reacting to unpleasant events around you. No one is perfect. This is a matter of practice and that too infinite. It’s required at every moment you breathe.

Do yourself a favour today. Implement it. Relax your mind and body today when you don’t like something happening around. Give importance to yourself rather than the event, people or things and realise the magic.

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