Women considered as ‘Laxmi’ ”

In the beginning of ‘Autumn’ Navratri festival is celebrated in traditional way. It is the longest Hindu festival that is celebrated for nine days. During these nine days of Navratri mother divine showers her blessings on us. Let us know the importance of these nine days – The first three days are believed as ‘tamsic’, next three days are ‘rajasic’ and the remaining last three days are considered ‘sattvic’.

Goddess Durga won the battle with Mahisasura, and so people celebrate these victory with joy. During Navratri worship Goddess Durga perform puja, sadhana with pure heart and goddess will surely bless you. In India women are considered as ‘Laxmi’ as she brings wealth in the entire family. ‘Shri’ is the sacred name of goddess Laxmi that addresses god, teacher which means affluence, auspiciousness. The first hymn of Shri-Laxmi which is ‘Shri Sukta’ in Rig Veda is the oldest scripture of Hindu religion.

Women power is the biggest inspiration since Vedic period. Only women has inbuilt strength in her that she binds society, family with smile on her face. But it is shame on such people who still discourage women. As countries come closer there are so many negativities in the mind of people regarding women. Clearly we can say that women are being exploited and if they raise their voice even against sexual harressment at any public place there is nobody who come to her help. The general outlook for women is always been insulting even today in western culture.

It is the duty of every men that they should protect, give respect to women not humiliating them in any sense. Feminism and multi culturalism are never compatible. Respect women by allowing her to show her talents not only in her family but in entire society. She can bring out the best quality in a man if she is supported by everyone. It is said that “Women hold up half the sky.” It is important to remember that “If you will educate women you will educate the whole world”.

Women has many capabilities in her. Basically in India there are so many roles of a women, like, she is the first teacher for her child as well as she sacrifice so many things in her life alone and make her family happy from which we learn lesson of selflessness. She is the role model and an idol.

In Sanskrit it is said that, ‘The root of dharma is indeed woman’ as well as ‘ Where the ladies are being respected the Gods reside there’. So, respect women and the world will respect you.

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